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Highest streamed Indian Independent Artist on Spotify (2020 & 2021). Hailing from
the heart of India's independent music scene, Ritviz isn't your ordinary artist. He's a genre bending sonic architect, crafting soundscapes that blur the lines between genres and his own unique blend of traditional Indian influences. Groovy basslines meet infectious melodies, laced with introspective lyrics that resonate with a generation. Ritviz's music is more than just a vibe
- it's a movement.

kahani hai ye 
mere dil ki na
Image by Scott Webb

Mimmi Album
         Launch Tour 

Ritviz’s Mimmi Album Launch Tour was a travelling spectacle delivering an unmatched experience to ticket buyers across the country.

The venue was purpose-built for this tour and travelled to each city, thereby showcasing the same immersive
audio visual experience to every fan around the country.

It resembles a massive fortress where the fans were transported into the world of Mimmi as soon as they entered. Whether they bought access to the limited Super-Fan pit, the two VIP enclosures or The General Admission area, they were surrounded by 20 ft high art pieces, where various visual artists interpreted the album art in their own unique way.

This travelling circus was the first of its kind
music/art showcase concert in India.

Artboard 1 copy.png



Chhoti umar par
       badi nazar hai


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